New Government Until Israel's New Threat to Palestine

The appointed Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohammad Shtayyeh, is scheduled to announce the composition of his new government in the coming days. Shtayyeh still has until April 14 to form a new government structure which is believed not to involve Hamas supporters.

Palestine Immediately Announces New Government Structure

Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is a rival to the Fatah movement. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on March 10 ordered Shtayyeh to form a new government replacing Rami Hamdallah's technocratic government in support of Hamas. Both Shtayyeh and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas are from the Fatah movement.

 Parliament, Hamas Inflammation The Hamas movement has been in control of the Gaza Strip and continues to refuse to hand it over to the Palestinian Authority based in the West Bank, where Israel maintains its military occupation. "In addition, there are five other small factions that will also join Fatah in the new government," an official said.

While several other factions, including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the secular, chose not to take part in the government. Deputy President Mahmoud Aloul said, a meeting was held between Shtayyeh and President Abbas on Monday night (8/4/2019) to decide which ministerial officials were still left. Aloul said an agreement had been reached at the meeting regarding which factions would control certain ministries.

Disputes between the Fatah and Hamas movements began since the Islamic movement group took control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, a year after parliamentary elections. Since then the politics in Palestine have been stopped and various reconciliation efforts undertaken to reconcile the two parties have not produced results. The Palestinian Authority dissolved the cabinet which still accommodated Hamas members, a move criticized by Hamas and accused the Fatah government of deliberately taking power. 

Palestinian President Calls Israel Blocking Development in the Middle East

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that Israel was responsible for hampering development in the Middle East with the occupation of the Palestinian territories. The statement was conveyed by Abbas before the United Nations, in his speech after Palestine was appointed as chairman of the Group of 77, on Tuesday (1/15/2019). "The continued occupation and occupation of Israel against the Palestinian state has disrupted our development and capacity to cooperate and coordinate."

"As well as obstructing the interrelated future development of the population in the region," Abbas said at the meeting held in New York. Inflammated Hamas Abbas added, as a Palestinian leader, he would commit to achieving a peaceful solution to ending the occupation and realizing the independence of a Palestinian state with the capital city of East Jerusalem.

Reported by AFP, the 83-year-old president also promised Palestinians would be able to live side by side in peace and security with the state of Israel. Palestine, as a member of the United Nations observer, will act as chairman of the Group of 77, a block of 134 UN member states for 2019. The Palestinians replace Egypt which was the leader of the block in the previous year. The appointment follows the UN General Assembly which officially imposed a resolution last year, which gave additional rights to Palestine to be able to act as chairman of the G77. Palestinians obtained the status of non-member observer countries in November 2012, and have the right to join in a number of international agreements, but do not have voting rights in the General Assembly. The appointment as chairman of the G77 is considered an important moment because it can enhance the profile of Palestine as the leader of the biggest developing countries bloc at the United Nations.

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