50 Wounded by The Israeli Army

Nearly 50 Palestinians were injured by clashes with Israeli soldiers during the Nakba Memorial Day or "Catastrophe Day" demonstrations taking place on the border of the Gaza strip on Wednesday (14/5).

As a means, citizens of Israeli Arabs and Palestinians consider the day NAKBA or warning the formation of the state of Israel as a disaster.

Since the country of Israel was formed in 1948 then after the six-day war, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced from the land occupied by their ancestors.

Thousands of Palestinians gathered on the Palestinian-Israeli border in Gaza to participate in the demo yesterday, voicing the struggle of those who want to regain land and independence rights.

Eyewitnesses say a group of Pedemos even approached the border fence, waving the Palestinian flag, to cast rocks toward the Israeli army across the border.

 "Our people are risen today to declare their rejection of wickedness and to assert their right in Palestine, all Palestine," said the leader of Islamic Jihad, Khader Habib, while Berorasi in one of the demonstrations.

On the other hand, the Israeli army also did not dwell. They are called tear gas, rubber bullets, to sharp bullets to stem the action of the demonstrators.

The Palestinian health Ministry said at least 47 people were injured.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military said about 10 thousand  "mobs and demonstrators " engaged in the demo.

 "The mobs burned tires and threw stones. A number of explosives have been thrown in the Gaza strip, including a number of attempts (the demonstrators) to approach Israel's border fence. The Israeli military (IDF) has attempted to dissolve demonstrations, "a sound of military assertions quoted by Reuters.

In addition to Gaza, Palestinians also held similar protests in the West Bank. Nevertheless, protests in the region are quite conducive. Up to now, there have been no reports of clashes between Israeli authorities and demonstrators in the region.

Thousands of people walked to the Gaza frontier with Israel, when the Hamas group that ruled the Gaza strip announced a general strike, by shutting down schools and government offices so that many people could participate in demonstrations.

Hamas has staged protests every Friday for a year, along the fence separating Israel and Gaza, in order to prosecute the end of the blockade done by Israel and Egypt.

More than 60 Palestinians were killed in last year's demonstration, in a riot with respect to the opening of a new American embassy in the disputed city of Jerusalem.

This year's demonstration took place two weeks after the armistice was achieved to stop the fierce clashes for two days. The Qatar government envoy who assisted in the execution of the ceasefire urged Hamas to do a quiet demonstration.

The demonstrations were held to commemorate the "Nakba" or "Day of Doom", in which hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to leave their homelons in the war following the founding of the state of Israel. The number of Palestinian refugees has now reached five million people scattered throughout the Middle East region.

Palestinian citizen Commemorati 71 years old by Israel

The fate of refugees was one of the main issues in the dispute between Palestine and Israel. Israel rejected the return of refugees to their hometown in Mass, because it was said to threaten the image of the Jewish nation.

In the city of Ramallah, in the West Bank, hundreds of people marched from the tomb of the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and held a demonstration in the middle of the city to claim the right to return to their hometown in the area that has now become an Israeli state.

"We'll be back soon, no matter how long it takes for it," said one of the posters that the demonstrator brought.

The voice of the siren was heard throughout the West Bank in midday as a statement of the grief of the displaced Palestinian citizens.

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