Call Israel destroyed Palestinian citizens use the Nazi way, journalist suspended

AJ Israel claimed to use Nazi justification to destroy the race and the Palestinians
The media network Al Jazeera has suspended two journalists responsible for a video claiming the extent to which the Holocaust was misunderstood by the Jews. In the video, they declared Israel to use Nazi justification for the cleansing of the race and destruction of Palestinians.

Video posted by AJ +, Al Jazeera Media Network. The content of a narrative called the Nazis killed 6 million Jews adopted by the Zionist movement.

In a statement, Dr Yaser BISHR, executive director of local media Broadcasting digital division, said the Arabic video was removed from the website for violating editorial standards.

 "Al Jazeera completely resists offensive content in question," says Bishr.  "Will not tolerate such material on any of the network platforms," he continued.

Posted on his website and social media, AJ + video questioned the history of the Holocaust and accused Jews of exploiting the massacre of their European Communities to establish the state of Israel, and stated that Zionism itself came from Nazi ideology.

Bishr did not mention the name of two journalists suspended. However, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) based in Washington, uploaded the video with an English translation, so the journaling name is known.

 "Israel is the biggest winner of the Holocaust and uses the same Nazi justification as the foundation for the cleansing of the race and destruction of Palestinians, " said the Muna HAWWA journalist in the video.

In the company's statement, the director of digital content Executive Al Jazeera, Dima Khatibsaid, said the video has been produced  "unattended " and the workflow is being reviewed to ensure that all production passes through the editorial channels Precise at all times.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel said the video was aimed to  "brainwash " Arab Youth to Hate Israel.

"AJ + 's explanation of the Holocaust is the worst type of crime," said Israeli foreign ministry in Twiter. "That's how Al Jazeera brainwashed the young people of the Arab world and perpetuated hatred of Israel and the Jews."
Palestinian claims not to be notified of the U.S. meeting in Bahrain

Prime Minister of Palestine, Mohammad Shtayyeh stated, the Palestinian Government was not consulted by the United States (US) regarding international conferences in Bahrain. The conference that will be held next June was intended to encourage investment in the Palestinian territories, as the first part of the Eastern peace Plan of the US president, Donald Trump.

 "The U.S. government is not consulted about reported meetings, not about the content, nor the results or time," says Shtayyeh in a statement, as reported by the Jerusalem Post on Monday (20/5).

As it is known, this Conference will facilitate discussions on ambitious visions for the Palestinians and regions, including improved economic governance, human resource development, and the facilitation of private sector growth.

"If implemented, this vision has the potential to radically change lives and place the region on the road to a brighter future," says the White House.

 "The economic plan has a comprehensive approach that will allow Palestinians to raise living standards. This meeting will focus on governance reform and how to make the Palestinian territories more invested so that people will have a much greater chance,  "the connection.

In the meantime, the Israeli Prime Minister's office has not yet given any statement regarding the meeting planned to be held in the capital city of Bahrain in Manama at the end of June.

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