Israel Prepares New Settlement Location with 'Trump' Name

Israeli prime minister's pamphlet
Israel has found a location for new settlements on the Golan Heights which will be named the same as US President Donald Trump.

"The government has found a location for the construction of new settlements in the Golan Heights," said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday (12/05/2019) as reported by Anadolu news agency.

"The name of the settlement will be submitted to the cabinet for approval when it starts construction," Netanyahu said.

According to Israeli data, the settlement will be built in the northern part of the Golan and at the initial stage there will be around 120 families.

On March 21, Trump signed a proclamation of the president which officially recognized the Syrian Golan Heights as an Israeli territory.

Israel occupied the Golan during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, before finally occupying around two-thirds of the Golan region.

In 1981, Israel officially annexed the area, which was later unanimously opposed by the UN Security Council.

The UN Human Rights Council has approved a resolution opposing Israel to continue occupying the Golan Heights.

130 Shelter in Gaza Destroyed by Israel

At least 130 dwellings were destroyed that were not suitable for use anymore due to air strikes launched by Israeli forces into the Gaza Strip, during the weekend.

Deputy Minister of Public Projects and Palestinian Settlements, Naji Sarhan said in a written statement, as many as 130 apartment flats were badly damaged, and 700 others were damaged by the Israeli attack.

Sarhan said his ministry staff had been on duty since the initial attack, it was trying to lift debris scattered on the streets and secure risky buildings.

In addition to condemning attacks on civilians, Sarhan also submitted requests to aid countries to help Palestinians who lost their homes and assets, the Anadolu Agency news agency reported on Wednesday (05/07/2019).

About 350 sites in the blockaded Gaza Strip have been targeted by Israeli soldiers since Saturday, the Israeli military said in a statement.

Avichay Adraee, spokesman for the Israeli army claimed that surveillance points, cellars and military centers belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad were targeted.

Since Saturday, 25 Palestinians have been killed, while more than 150 have been injured in Israeli airstrikes.

An escalation in the Gaza Strip occurred following reports of two Israeli soldiers wounded by gunfire near the Gaza-Israel buffer zone on Friday.

Palestinian resistance factions responded to the attack by launching 690 rockets into Israeli settlements, which killed four people.

ACT Distributes 250 Tons of Food for Palestine

250 tons of food are ready to be sent by Indonesia Humanitarian Center (IHC) Aksi Cepat Tangga (ACT) in this year's Ramadhan. The distribution is part of a total of 10,000 tons of food provided for Palestinian people until the end of Ramadan later.

Apart from the attacks that Israel intensified at the beginning of Ramadan, President Aksi Cepat Tanggap Ahyudin revealed that the preparation of 10,000 tons of food for the Palestinian people had been prepared at the beginning of Ramadan and would be distributed in stages. This action is considered to be one of the best ways to save the Palestinian people.

"Helping Palestinians not only help everyday, but forever. This is a good land for all of us, that helping and giving is not only through prayer but with everything. ACT chooses to help Palestinian people with food, and prepare 10,000 tons of food for Palestine until the end of this Ramadan, said Ahyudin in a written statement on Wednesday (05/15/2019).

He also invited all Indonesian people to support the struggle of the Palestinian people especially during this year's Ramadan.

"Along with the month of Ramadan, let's increase the goodness of the reward of God willing multiplied by Allah SWT," Ahyudin said.

Hundreds of tons of food were transported using 10 trucks dispatched from Gaza's Indonesian Humanitarian Center (IHC). The release of the departure of the humanitarian aid truck was attended by representatives of Palestinian ministers in the fields of social development, culture, economy, domestic affairs, and dozens of local humanitarian institutions. The food aid is targeted to be distributed throughout the Gaza Strip for the next 10 days.

IHC's food aid reaches 10,000 families in Gaza. From the team of Global Humanity Response (GHR) -ACT Andi Noor Faradiba also reported that the food aid was carried out targeting North Gaza, Central Gaza, Gaza City, Khan Younis, to Rafah.

IHC's food aid is aimed at poor families, refugees, tahfiz, orphaned families and people with disabilities in Gaza, Faradiba said.

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