Jason Greenblatt as Envoy Trump Criticizes UN Meeting

US envoy for Middle East Affairs, Jason Greenblatt, denounces the UNSC's informal discussion of Indonesia's idea of discussing Israeli illegal settlements in Palestine
 The US envoy for Middle East Affairs, Jason Greenblatt, criticized the informal discussion of the United Nations Security Council (UN) on the idea of ​​Indonesia discussing Israeli illegal settlements on Palestinian land.

Greenblatt criticized the UN Security Council for "repeating useless talks" by continuing to criticize Israel at the informal meeting.

"Let us all stop pretending that judgment is what has been hindering the peace process being negotiated," Greenblatt said on behalf of President Donald Trump at the meeting.

"A joke and obsessive attitude that focuses on one aspect of this complicated conflict does not help anyone," he said.

He criticized the UN Security Council meeting for isolating Israel from its settlement expansion on Palestinian land so far, but failed to condemn the movement of Islamic Hamas and Jihad groups that fired rockets at Israeli territory.

Greenblatt accused the United Nations of being biased towards Israel because it was more comfortable "issuing 700 resolutions" which urged Israel rather than responding to "700 rockets" fired by Palestinian militants into Israeli territory.

"Instead of claiming responsibility from Hamas and Islamic Jihad, we are repeating the old and tiring talk points that have been going on for 20 years," Greenblatt said.

As the president of the UNSC this May, the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi was also present and at the same time chaired the informal meeting.

In the meeting which was also attended by members of the United Nations and other international organizations, Retno stressed that the expansion of Israel's illegal settlements had been "unacceptable" because it could damage the peace negotiations.

Retno urged the international community to strengthen pressure on Israel to stop the expansion of its illegal settlements on Palestinian land

"Israel's illegal settlements continue to increase from around 110 thousand in 1993 to around 620 thousand in 2017," Retno said in his opening statement.

"The international community has the responsibility to stop the illegal settlement development policies by Israel. For this reason, there needs to be great pressure from the international community to stop illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine."

In the meeting, Greenblatt also touched on the proposal of President Donald Trump's idea of ​​Israeli-Palestinian peace which he called would "offer a fresh, fresh approach."

He said the proposal would be more "realistic and friendly to implement" and is "a peace package that is right for both parties."

"It's time for a new approach," Greenblatt was quoted as saying by AFP.

Greenblatt urged UN Security Council members to "support the proposal and make good use of this opportunity."

The proposal contains a plan for peace between Israel and Palestine that is planned to be announced around the beginning of June, after the month of Ramadan is complete.

The document mentioned will not include a two-state solution which has been considered by the international community as a way out to reconcile Palestinian-Israel.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki, who was present at the meeting, reiterated his country's rejection of the US proposal for a peaceful draft.

"This is not a peace plan but a condition that encourages surrender and no price is as expensive as anything that can make this proposal acceptable," Al-Maliki said.

Palestine has cut ties with the US since Trump recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital unilaterally in December 2017. Palestinians accuse the US of being very pro-Israel in bridging this conflict.

"We cannot afford not to get involved with any peace efforts. Unfortunately, this US effort cannot be categorized as fulfilling peace efforts," Al-Maliki said.

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