Nearly 2,000 Palestinians shot by Israeli military must be amputated

A Palestinian child died
As a result of lack of health funding in Gaza, as many as 1,700 Palestinians who were hit by Israeli security forces must be amputated in the next two years, said the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the Palestinian territories, Jamie McGoldrick.

McGoldrick revealed, there were around 29,000 Palestinians who were injured during the past year and 7,000 of them suffered gunshot wounds, mostly in the lower legs.

"There are 1,700 people who need a complicated and serious operation to be able to walk again," McGoldrick was quoted as saying by the Reuters news agency.

"They are people who were shot in demonstrations and need rehabilitation. In addition, they need very, very serious and complex bone reconstruction for two years before they can rehabilitate themselves."

Without this treatment procedure, continued McGoldrick, these individuals risked being amputated.

For the past year, said McGoldrick, there were 120 people amputated and 20 of them were children.

In order to conduct the operation, the United Nations sought US $ 20 million or Rp285.9 billion in health service budget allocations.

Not only that, the lack of funding for World Food Program and UNRWA institutions, the UN humanitarian agency that supports Palestinians can result in disruption of food supplies to one million people.

"If the supply stops, there is no alternative for the audience to bring food from other sources because they have no purchasing power," McGoldrick said.

WFP spokesman Herve Verhoosel said the lack of funding had forced the agency to cut aid to 193,000 people in the West Bank and Gaza this year.

Of that amount, 27,000 people did not receive any assistance and the rest received US $ 8 (Rp114,360) per month, reduced by US $ 2 from the previous quota.

This is compounded by the fact that the average family in Gaza owes US $ 4,000 (Rp57.1 million) and 54% of the population is unemployed.

Under these conditions, they get worse if they experience illness or injury.

Health services in Gaza are very bad with outdated facilities and medical personnel who never receive a salary.

According to McGoldrick, doctors in the field were not supported by adequate technical facilities to treat people at risk of amputation.

The number of individuals with such categories is threatened to increase given the Israeli and Palestinian parties involved in violence in the Gaza Strip last week.

The most violent clashes in recent years have left four Israelis and 23 Palestinians dead.

The Israeli military claims more than 600 rockets have been fired into Israeli territory since Saturday (4/5). In return, Israel stated that it had launched an attack on 320 targets.

Fighting Against Israel and Hamas, Victims Killed Increased to 27 People

The number of fatalities caused by fighting between the Israeli military and Hamas militant groups in the Gaza Strip has increased to 27 people. In the biggest escalation of fighting since the Gaza war in 2014, the Israeli military reported that more than 600 rockets had been fired from Gaza into Israel since Saturday (4/5) local time. The Israeli military responded to the rocket attack by launching 320 airstrikes since Sunday (5/5) local time.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza controlled by Hamas, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, Tuesday (05/07/2019), reported that 23 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli air strike for two days. The Israeli authorities reported that four civilians in Israel were killed in a rocket attack from Gaza.

The Gaza Ministry of Health said the number of Palestinian deaths had increased after two bodies were found in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday (6/5) morning local time. The two bodies of the husband and wife were found under the rubble of a building completely destroyed by Israeli airstrikes. Both were identified as Talal Abu al-Jidian (48) and his wife, Raghda Mohammed Abu al-Jidian (40).

The husband and wife had a 12-year-old boy, Abdul Rahman al-Jidian, who was also killed in an Israeli air strike and his body was found a few hours earlier.

This mutual struggle between Israel and Hamas occurred even though the ceasefire was agreed upon last month. Violence began on Friday (3/5), during a demonstration by Palestinians in Gaza to protest the implementation of the blockade in the region. A Palestinian gunman shot and wounded two Israeli soldiers near the border wall. Israel responded by launching an air strike that killed two Hamas militants.

The rocket attack from Gaza began on Saturday (4/5) morning local time. At that time, the Israeli missile defense system managed to shoot down dozens of rockets, but a number of homes in several Israeli cities and villages were hit by rocket attacks.

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