Ronaldo gives 1,5 million dollars to Palestinian people

Cristiano Ronaldo
Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo donated 1.5 million to the Palestinians as long as the Palestinian Muslims spent the holy onth of Ramadan. According to, the Juventus star striker attempted to convey his solidarity to the Palestinians and help alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians. is a Pan-American television Network page based in Caracas, Venezuela. According to this media, although the mass media rarely reveals the other side of Ronaldo in conjunction with Palestine, the world's football megastar is always close to Palestine that once publicly stated publicly that he refused Israeli occupation of Palestine.

In November 2012, when Gaza was bombarded Israel, Ronaldo auction his Golden Boot to raise funds then channeled to Palestinian children. A year later on March 2013, at the end of the Portugal and Israel matches at the 2014 World Cup qualifiers, he refused to exchange costumes with Israeli players.

At the time the mass media reported, even though he was shaking hands with Israeli players, Ronaldo refused to exchange T-shirts because he did not want to wear an Israeli-flagged costume.

Ahmad Daubasha, the 5-year-old boy who was the only survivor of a Palestinian family who was attacked by Israeli Jewish settlers, was greeted by Ronaldo in 2016 at the Real Madrid Training center where he took a selfie with the boy and rewarded The boy with the costume he had prepared before.

ACT Sumsel A Palestinian Solidarity Action
The Rapid Action Response of South Sumatera

The Rapid Action Response (ACT) of South Sumatera (Sumsel) held a Palestinian solidarity action with ten communities. The event also shared free offerings around Palembang Grand Mosque Fountain roundabout, Friday (17/5) afternoon.

The Chairman of the Action Coordinator, Rahmad Aris Lazuardi, said the #Sumselselamatkanpalestina-themed action was performed to respond to Israeli brutal attacks to the Palestinian territories and killed 26 local residents.

"This action forms our solidarity as human beings, especially when coinciding with the month of Ramadan, it is proper to help the people of Sumsel Palestinian peoples," Ujarn Aris during the action.

Aris explained, since the beginning of Ramadan Israel still launched bombs through air strikes by targeting 60 target areas. As a result 26 people died, 177 people were injured, and about 200 buildings along the Gaza strip were destroyed.

Assisting Palestine, he said, has become the focus of the government of Indonesia because it is contained in the opening of the CONSTITUTION 1945. The implementation was continued at the diplomatic level to defend Palestinian rights.

But from the humanitarian side, all Indonesian people, especially Sumsel, had the same important role to help Palestine in any form. Because the oneness of Israel resulted in various crises in Palestine to the present.

 "We invite the people of Sumsel not just know the news about Palestine, but participate and care by extending the donation, whatever the form while useful, " he explained.

During Ramadan, the ACT has distributed food packages from Indonesia Humanity Center (IHC) Gaza as much as 250 tonnes. In addition every day the general kitchen ACT in Gaza continues to produce 500 packages of suhoor and Ifthar for underprivileged citizens in Palestine.

For the people of Sumsel who want to help Palestine, ACT Sumsel also continues to open a special Palestinian donation account through, BNI Syariah (66 0000 5505) A. N Quick response action. The donation will be converted in the form of assistance, Ifthar, Eid gift, communal kitchen, water tank, electricity supply, and basic basic needs that Palestine requires.

The action of solidarity followed by Darul Muhtadin, Irma Ašalam, RPA teenagers cares hereafter, KMBU, Wong Kito Hijrah, Syubanul Mustofa (Persela), IRLAS, RMPS, IRMUDA KHOIRUN, and Bikers Sudeut. Besides presenting banner support, solidarity action also filled with prayer, division of offerings and package Foodvan Ramadhan for local people.

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