The Trump is now ready to negotiate.

Donald Trump at the White House
President of the United States (US) Donald Trump again spoke about Iran's threat. This time, however, Trump impressed a bit of Iran's threat to the U.S. and declared ready to negotiate if Iran took the first step.

As reported by AFP, Tuesday (21/5/2019), Trump's recent comment seems to be meant to relieve fears that his reign is encouraging to wage war with Iran.

"We do not have any indication that something happened or will happen," said Trump to reporters in the White House, when asked about the Iranian threat to US interests. "We have no indication that they will do that," he added, referring to Iran's attack to the US.

Earlier, Trump repeatedly threw threats that Iran would face ' great power ' if the country invaded the US. But then Trump declared himself welcomed the negotiations with Iran.

 "If they call, we will certainly negotiate, but it depends on them," call Trump.  "I just want them to contact, if they are ready, " added.

Trump has been impressed back forth about Iran. He briefly made many parties in the US worried that he was intending to war with Iran. But then Trump indicated there was no intention to involve the U.S. in any other war.

In a statement on Sunday (19/5) local time, Trump raised a loud warning via Twitter alerting that Iran would end up if it attacked the US.

On Monday (20/5) The local time, Trump criticized the media report--which is not further called his name--which he thinks has mispreached the government's efforts to initiate talks with Iran.

 "Iran will contact us, when they are ready. For a while, their economy will continue to collapse — it's sad for the Iranian people!  "writes Trump via Twitter.

It is known that the U.S. government continues to increase pressure on Iran to keep the country away from nuclear ambitions. The US also seeks to halt the crucial oil exports of Iran's economy. Not only that, the US even sent one aircraft carrier and bomber aircraft to the Gulf region, to ward off what was called the US as Iran's threat to their interests.

Respond to the Trump threat: we don't want war
Iranian Minister of overseas

United States President Donald Trump issued a loud warning to Iran on Sunday (19/5) amid rising tensions between Washington and Tehran.

 "If Iran wants to fight, it will be the official end of Iran, " said Trump.  "Never threaten the United States anymore!"

The tweet seemed to be one of Trump's most open threats to Iran since he was president of the US. Over the past month, the U.S. has taken an increasingly aggressive position against Tehran.

Washington last week deployed the aircraft carrier, bomber, assault ship and the Patriot missile battery to the Persian Gulf to combat what it called the Iranian  "threat ", which sparked a concern for military combat.

Iran disparages Threats

But Iran underestimated the threat of open conflict with the US. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Saturday (18/05) that Tehran was not looking for problems with the US or its regional allies.

"We believe," says Zarif. "There will be no war because we do not want war, nor does anyone have the illusion that they can face Iran in the region (Middle East). "

However, a commander of the Iranian elite paramilitary organization, the Revolutionary Guard, offered a different message on Sunday (19/05).

The US Army will be "easily defeated," says the Commander Hossein Salami in a statement.

Increased tension

On Sunday, the regional rival of Iran, Saudi Arabia, announced the emergency SUMMIT plan with members of the Gulf and the Arab League to discuss  "aggression and its consequences."

Saudi officials accused Iran of damaging regional security, saying the country might be behind recent attacks on cargo ships in the Persian Gulf.

 "We want peace and stability in the region, but we will not stand by hand tied," said Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, Adel al-Jubeir, Sunday.

The U.S. has attempted to isolate Iran internationally by suppressing allies to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear treaty and sanctioned Iran.

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